Feng Shui Tips For Stairs

Are your energy degrees down, or is your capital out of hand? Take a look at your stairs! Feng Shui will certainly aid you diagnose just how life concerns may be influenced by the place or framework of your stairs.

In my experience as a feng shui consultant, stairs always tell a story about family life as well as problems. Today we illustrate the most usual scenarios:

Stairs in the entry hall dealing with the front door

We get in via the front door and stairs go straight approximately the second floor. Chances are, we experience a split vision; our left eye faces the stairs, backwards and forwards, our appropriate eye looks down the hallway toward the back of the house In classic feng shui analyses this can trigger dissentious concerns as well as conflicts among relative. A stairway dealing with the front door develops dropping energy that is frequently associated with money draining too fast and also energy levels dropping.

Feng shui recommends adjusting this obstacle with the climbing energy of the wood element, a high plant at the foot as well as on the side of the staircases; images or paintings of vegetation, i.e. best are trees, which could be hung along the side wall surface of the stairs. A light, e.g. a light fixture on top of the staircases will be aesthetically eye-catching and also will certainly produce rising energy of the fire element.

The split vision difficulty can be addressed by developing a visual impact that will capture the eye. A mobile dangling from the ceiling would create carefully moving energy and also be aesthetically appealing.

A square rug in the access foyer will secure the area and give an aesthetic resting location.

Staircases in the center of your house.

Stairways in the facility will invariably produce health issue as they are located in the health sector of the bagua. Feng shui remedies will certainly depend on the structure of the stairwell. Is it right? Is it curved? Does it have open treads? Or, in a worst case scenario, is it a spiral stairs which is symbolic of a cork screw burning out down. Treatments will have to be installed according to personal demands or problems of the residents. Open up footsteps appear to trigger instability. I always experience that my animal Chihuahuas are incredibly mindful as well as afraid of stairs with open footsteps as well as do not want to increase or down. Animal actions will certainly often show us where the threats are.

Our major problem about stairways is safety and security. If there are little kids in the house, a gate on top of the stairways will certainly avoid a child from inadvertently toppling down. If the stairways are steep, a handrail or ideally two, one on each side, are a must. If the footsteps are slim, a protected carpeting strip on each tread will certainly avoid slipping as well as dropping.

Conventional feng shui professionals may place a little mirror on the within the front door, hence attempting to bounce the descending qi back up. Or they may resort to the feng shui cure-all of a multi-faceted crystal put on hold overhead between the door as well as the stairwell.

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