Feng Shui Insights For Standard Blue

Traditional Blue is the color of the year, offered by Pantone, the color forecaster. Tranquil and encouraging, Traditional Blue gives a strong structure as we go into a new years of high speed electronic development. With technology racing ahead into unidentified terrain, the idea of something timeless is reassuring and comforting. Traditional Blue is the antidote to the stress of a modern environment and also neutralizes the yang overdose of a digital way of life. Traditional Blue deals protection and also haven, giving sanctuary for self-preservation.

Feng Shui endorses Blue as a yin color which has advantages validated by clinical research study. Heart and also breathing prices decrease in a blue atmosphere, muscles unwind as well as high blood pressure drops. Blue decor as well as table settings can diminish food desires as well as hence aid nutritional demands and weight reduction.

Blue is introspective and also covers a vast array on the emotional range of sensations, extending from self-confidence as well as confidence on one end to the downside of sensation blue at the various other end. For that reason, personal demands always have to be considered when Feng Shui changes are advised.

Pyramid Feng Shui, the most modern, science-based technique of Feng Shui, connects the entrance field of the Bagua map with the Self as well as Now. This area is attibuted to North and the Water element, with blue and also black as helpful shades. The entrance to our room requires to resonate with the concept of refuge and also sanctuary with a feeling of having actually come to our personal refuge.

Presenting Traditional Blue as the shade of “crossing the limit,” Pantone, describes it as “instilling tranquility, self-confidence and connection as this sustaining blue highlights our desire for a dependable as well as steady structure on which to develop as we go across the threshold into a new age.”

Blue has actually always been one of the most preferred color of the American man who has a tendency to be self-engaged and also self-focused. Blue is favored by conventional people, inviting depend on as well as reliability. In a blue suit a male feels crucial as well as protected and expects to be appreciated.

Worldwide of traditional Compass School Feng Shui, Lillian Too warns of the number 7 in the facility of the 2020 Feng Shui chart as showing physical violence. She suggests water and also changes with the shade blue as the antidote as well as protection from discordant powers.

Connotations for embracing Standard Blue in our color scheme:

Traditional Blue is

  • A relaxed shade
  • Reassuring as well as reputable
  • Non-aggressive
  • Comforting
  • Secure
  • Dependable
  • Traditional Blue instills
  • Peace and harmony
  • Haven and sanctuary
  • Protection
  • Unwinded communication
  • Self-confidence
  • Durability
  • Regard

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